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Death By T-Shirt Cannon vs. Designated Survivor's Special Effects

It's a darn-didly-dacious fate vs. marzipan and hope!

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Death By T-Shirt Cannon

83 votes

Designated Survivor's Special Effects

The case for Death By T-Shirt Cannon

You know how people say "The Simpsons Already Did It"? Well really they have. Including actually killing a long-running character on screen, in front of all of the little kiddies, with death by t-shirt cannon. That's right. I said it. Death by t-shirt cannon.

R.I.P. Maude Flanders!

So next time someone does that on a show?

The Simpsons already did it! — Kromm

The case for Designated Survivor's Special Effects

Pretty sure that's a wedding cake and I'm pretty sure the show is more enjoyable because of it. — David T. Cole

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