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Deadwood And Regular Show Go Big, While The Notebook And Sesame Street Shrink Down

Your pop culture favourites are changing size all over Lunch And A Show!

Congratulations to Garret Dillahunt for breaking one of the month's buzziest TV stories -- revived rumours of HBO revisiting Deadwood and turning it into a feature film -- and completely bypassing the TCA press tour to do it! But Deadwood is just one of several current pop culture properties in the news this week for changing media. (Sorry you got shoved out of the news cycle, possible Community movie!)

Well before the Deadwood movie hits (if...uh, ever), we have a feature-length Regular Show film to look forward to! Though Cartoon Network still hasn't announced its TV airdate, we now know it will hit VOD first (all the usual places movies are found), on September 1, with a DVD release following on October 17. So presumably the TV airing will fall between those dates, but like I said, we still don't know for sure. How much crazier could a Regular Show movie be than the usual twelve-minute bursts of total insanity? Watch the trailer and see!

Elsewhere: there is shrinkage. The CW announced this week that it's working on turning The Notebook into a TV series, and the best part is: they're ditching the raisins! The proposed TV series, as it currently stands, will not include the movie's framing story, where (eleven-year-old spoiler alert) older Allie has Alzheimer's Disease, and every day older Noah has to read her their love story so she remembers who he is. It's like CW President Mark Pedowitz was sitting next to me every time I DVRed The Notebook and fast-forwarded all those parts! Right now it's still just in development, so there's no airdate yet, but still, if ever a network were made to produce a story of young, melodramatic love, The CW is it.

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And from the "IS LITERALLY NOTHING SACRED?!" department: Sesame Street episodes are shrinking from the hour-long format WE ALL GREW UP ON down to half an hour, I guess so today's crappy little brats can get back to playing Minecraft sooner. (Friends with kids: I don't mean yours. They're all perfect!) So, starting November 16, I guess this pinball machine only goes up to six???

Oh yeah: Sesame Street's also made a deal with HBO such that, possibly starting as soon as "this fall," HBO will air new episodes first, with PBS getting the right to run them nine months later. Guessing a lot of grandparents who actually pay for it should expect some moochy emails asking for their HBOGo login soon as "this fall."


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