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Darlene Love's Last Late Show Christmas vs. Bat-Climb Window Cameos

It's a Christmas baby we didn't want to go vs. superheroes meeting nosy celebrities!

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Darlene Love's Last Late Show Christmas

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Bat-Climb Window Cameos

The case for Darlene Love's Last Late Show Christmas

When David Letterman was the host of The Late Show on CBS, he had a few holiday traditions. He'd have a Christmas tree in the studio with a giant meatball in place of an angel or star. He'd have actor Jay Thomas on to tell the Lone Ranger story. And he'd close things out with Darlene Love singing "Christmas (Baby Please Don't Go." We all knew 2014 was going to be Love's last chance to wow Letterman -- and us. And wow, did she ever. — Tara Ariano

The case for Bat-Climb Window Cameos

Why did so many celebrities choose to stay in the same hotels where Gotham's most notorious super-villains were hatching their nefarious plots? The world may never know. Also, it should probably be a requirement that all future incarnations of Batman be given reason to say: "Yes, citizen, you may return to your harpsichord." — generate789

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