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Daddy's Boy vs. Lois Lane Eats A Frog

It's the 1938 Harrison von Harrison Jr. musical vs. an amphibi-yum!

226 votes

Daddy's Boy

79 votes

Lois Lane Eats A Frog

The case for Daddy's Boy

After one of Kimmy Schmidt's love interests, Logan, spends the "Kimmy's in a Love Triangle" episode describing himself in passing as a "Daddy's Boy," the throwaway jokes come to a head when we get to see this fabulous closing scene from from the musical he's been referencing. — EllieH

The case for Lois Lane Eats A Frog

How do you tell when someone has been replaced by an evil clone? On your wedding night, no less? Look for subtle tells, such as occasionally eating frogs for nourishment. — Dave S.

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