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Daddy's Boy vs. Julia Sugarbaker Decimates A Beauty Queen

It's the 1938 Harrison von Harrison Jr. musical vs. the night the lights went out in Georgia!

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Daddy's Boy

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Julia Sugarbaker Decimates A Beauty Queen

The case for Daddy's Boy

After one of Kimmy Schmidt's love interests, Logan, spends the "Kimmy's in a Love Triangle" episode describing himself in passing as a "Daddy's Boy," the throwaway jokes come to a head when we get to see this fabulous closing scene from from the musical he's been referencing. — EllieH

The case for Julia Sugarbaker Decimates A Beauty Queen

Plenty of TV siblings had closer relationships than Designing Women Julia and Suzanne Sugarbaker. But just because you like to tear down your sister occasionally doesn't mean anyone else gets to do it, so when some uppity pageant queen denigrates Suzanne, Julia unleashes the beast. We're still hearing the echoes of rage today. — Andrew L

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