Screen: El Rey

Cutting A Rug With Bond, Hamm, And The Hoff

Lunch And A Show celebrates the ol' manly chest pelt.

El Rey is rolling out their "Shaken Not Stirred" James Bond Movie Marathon starting tomorrow. Curated by network founder Robert Rodriguez, the nonstop Bondathon 1) does include Lazenby; 2) does include Moonraker, which I believe is considered the worst one ever; and 3) sadly neglects my all-time favorite opening chase, View To A Kill.

Get the full schedule right here.

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Speaking of hairy chests, Tara and I plan to record Again With This episodes for the remainder of Beverly Hills, 90210 S1 today. While you wait, "enjoy" some of the visual aids from past episodes.


Or just spend the time between dry heaves making sure to update your podcast feed!

Tara took time out of writing up Catfish -- an episode which featured Nev flashing us his pelt at irrelevant length, might I add, so no wonder she needed a break? -- to note that Mark Feuerstein rocks a pec rug pretty nicely:

Jon Hamm isn't shirtless in the whole Don Draper Says "What?" supercut, but he is for part of it, and it's hilarious either way:

And I'm not proud of laughing every time the Hoff books it across the screen in this Dodge ad, but: that's m'life.