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Crossovers, Spinoffs, And Reunions In Lunch And A Show

Plus a Housewives premiere and lies, lies, lies.

Did you watch the Transparent premiere yet? Mark did, and talked about a striking flashback, while Jordan welcomed back the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills with some questions about makeup, John enjoyed the Barriver friendship on the Flash/Arrow crossover, Liane argued there's a character Jessica Jones -- and Jessica Jones -- just doesn't need, and Eddie lied his ass off some more on the Below Deck finale.

And in the spirit of reunions, enjoy a list of Seinfeld reunions you might have forgotten about; as well as TV's many trope-y high-school reunions. And it's a plotting cliché, but that doesn't mean I kind of don't wish we'd gotten to see Will Graham take Hannibal to his 20th as his date. You?

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And from the "three seasons and a tenth-reunion movie" front, here's a supercut Slate put together of all the Lebowski references in Veronica Mars:


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