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"Condoms Rose! Condoms, Condoms, Condoms!" vs. Bebe's Defense of Smoking

It's Dorothy Zbornak and safe sex vs. the siren song of sweet, sweet nicotine!

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'Condoms Rose! Condoms Condoms Condoms!'

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Bebe's Defense of Smoking

The case for 'Condoms Rose! Condoms Condoms Condoms!'

Dorothy usually scored points with calm, dry wit, but when Rose failed to understand she could also take the direct approach. Bonus points for an early endorsement of safe sex among the senior set long before people were talking bout how important that was. Also featuring Betty White as the the blonde who picked the ultra-sensitive in black. — Fatwalda

The case for Bebe's Defense of Smoking

You guys, I don't even smoke, and this clip makes me want to light up instantly. It's no wonder that Frasier Crane kept the devil incarnate around as his agent. Bebe Glazer could sell ice to an Eskimo. — Andrew L

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