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Cate Blanchett Would Do American Horror Story If Sarah Paulson Asked Her To

Let's talk special guest stars!

With the feature film Carol creeping into limited release, star Cate Blanchett has started doing the rounds to promote the movie, and the subject of her co-star Sarah Paulson has come up. Apparently, Blanchett has a big talent crush on Paulson and is so eager to work with her again that she told Vulture last night she'd definitely cameo on American Horror Story if Paulson asked her to. As it happens, (a) FX has just renewed the show for a sixth season, and (b) this very morning we're throwing out ideas for where it should be set in the latest Extra Hot Great Mini. Incorporate Blanchett in each of these concepts? Don't mind if we (all) do!

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Taking the matter of special guest stars out of the hypothetical, let's run down some of the latest!

Paulson's former Deadwood co-star Powers Boothe popped up as Gideon Malick on Agents Of SHIELD; hope you're into him (everyone should be), since it looks like he'll be around for a while.

iZombie's magic-themed episode found work for former Wilfred star Fiona Gubelmann; as magic handles go, you could do worse than "Houdina."

And guest star gigs ended for a few more performers on Scream Queens -- some we'll miss, and some whose character names we may have had to look up on IMDb because they were not exactly memorable.

Can any discussion of special guest stars occur without mention of the geniuses who cast the various series in the Law & Order universe? OBVIOUSLY NOT. Please enjoy this supercut.


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