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Bunny And Kitty vs. Pam's Field Agent Test

It's an unlikely animal friendship turned crime procedural vs. training taken under mostly sterile conditions!

135 votes

Bunny And Kitty

103 votes

Pam's Field Agent Test

The case for Bunny And Kitty

Bunny and Kitty, being best friends...until the shit goes down and they have to investigate! — Tara Ariano

The case for Pam's Field Agent Test

Pam had previously shown herself to have quite an interesting life outside the confines of ISIS: drift racing, street fighting, and a weird ability to hold pool balls in her mouth, but she still just the Human Resources Director while at work. Then she went to Ms. Archer with a perfect IFAB score and we get a hilarious glimpse into what field agents go through to be a part of the team. — PoliVamp

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