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Bob Costas' Pink Eye vs. Pawnee's Slogans

It's your itchiest memory of the 2014 Sochi Olympics vs. taglines for America's fourth most obese town!

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Bob Costas' Pink Eye

377 votes

Pawnee's Slogans

The case for Bob Costas' Pink Eye

The 2014 Sochi Olympics had their share of troubles, but one of the most memorable of these was Bob Costas' initial attempts to keep doing his hosting job, despite a rather obvious case of pink eye. — EllieH

The case for Pawnee's Slogans

Since its establishment in 1820, Pawnee, Indiana, has tried to keep up with the times, including where its town slogans are concerned. Some are...more evocative than others. — Jenn Brasler

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