Blythe Danner Has Bones Like Ribbon Candy!

Who’s Cashin’ a Cheque? Blythe Danner.

How Dependent Is The Ad On Her Celebrity? Medium? The ad's producers feel the need to identify her by name and add that she's an "Award Winning Actress," so they apparently aren't certain that we know who she is.

On a Scale of 1 to 10, How Glamorous Is The Product She’s Promoting? 5. Sally Field already owns the osteoporosis waterfront with her ads for Boniva; Prolia is clearly a johnny-come-lately in the brittle-bone-drug space.

How Can We Humorously Connect This Spot To Her Best Known Role?  “Gwyneth can't throw her mom a few bucks out of her husband's Coldplay money and save her having to make us think she's about to break a hip?”

Is This A Cheque Worth Cashin’? If this drug were, like, Tylenol, I would say yes. But this is some weird off-brand prescription thing, and Danner should have done a better job managing her Meet The Parents franchise residuals to save her having to do this.


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