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Bionic Sound Effects vs. The Demogorgon

It's na-na-na-na-na-na vs. a D&D monster come to life!

101 votes

Bionic Sound Effects

98 votes

The Demogorgon

The case for Bionic Sound Effects

Astronaut Steve Austin crashed landed. But gentlemen, we can rebuild him; we have the technology. We'll give him bionic legs and arms, and one bionic eye. Hopefully that won't fuck up his depth perception too much. Most importantly, we will give him...sound effects! (Apparently there are four categories of such sounds, as told by this po-faced website.) Without them, what would Steve Austin be? Really, I'm asking. — corgi-ears

The case for The Demogorgon

While it has been noted that part of the reason that Stranger Things works so well is care given to developing the characters, it also would have faired just as poorly had the monster not been genuinely menacing. And they built to it beautifully - starting with the opening scene of D&D where the friends are forced to engage with an imaginary version of the creature that would threaten the characters all season. — PoliVamp

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