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Bill Haverchuck As Bionic Woman vs. 'My Birthday'

It's truly working your Halloween costume vs. Stassi's birthday (in case you forgot)!

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Bill Haverchuck As Bionic Woman

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'My Birthday'

The case for Bill Haverchuck As Bionic Woman

Being the Bionic Woman for Halloween may be the best decision Freaks and Geeks' Bill Haverchuck has ever made. From his fantastic pantsuit to his lipstick blotting to lines like, "I'm sorry, Steve Austin, I can't marry you, I'm mad at you right now," Bill really sells it. — Mrs. Coach

The case for 'My Birthday'

If you watch Vanderpump Rules, you should know that the most important day ever in season 2 of Vanderpump Rules was not the episode another cast member got engaged or the episode where Stassi planned a party to out the fact that her best friend hooked up with her ex boyfriend and slapped said friend and it wasn't the episode when said friend admitted to hooking up the ex boyfriend. It was the episode all about Stassi's 25th birthday to Cabo. And someone awesomely clipped together all the times in the episode where we reminded of Stassi's birthday. In case you forgot. — Asterisk

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