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Bill Haverchuck As Bionic Woman vs. 'I Did it With My Best Friend!'

It's truly working your Halloween costume vs. Rob and Brennan win the first Amazing Race!

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Bill Haverchuck As Bionic Woman

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'I Did it With My Best Friend!'

The case for Bill Haverchuck As Bionic Woman

Being the Bionic Woman for Halloween may be the best decision Freaks and Geeks' Bill Haverchuck has ever made. From his fantastic pantsuit to his lipstick blotting to lines like, "I'm sorry, Steve Austin, I can't marry you, I'm mad at you right now," Bill really sells it. — Mrs. Coach

The case for 'I Did it With My Best Friend!'

Was it really 15 years ago we watched the finale of the very first edition of The Amazing Race? (Yes, Dec. 14, 2001.) The world had changed a lot since the start of that season, which began before 9/11. (And some of us in NYC lost our broadcast signals and found a wonderful website called MightyBigTV that offered recaps of our favorite shows...)

TAR and MBTV/TWoP grew up together, and showcased the best of reality TV and what the Internets Are For. Those of us who attended, then helped plan the East Coast TARcons (we had one at Madison Square Garden, people!), found friends in other TARflies and sometimes even the contestants. I still have my eyebrow/Philimination fridge magnet.

'I did it with my best friend," "my ox is broken," "God is in the tub," "screechweasel," "asshat," "you do it, Charla," and so many more catchphrases still litter our vocabularies.

May the racearoundtheworld never end! — kwnyc

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