Big Carl vs. 'Is This Because I'm A Lesbian?'

It's the Cul-de-Sac Crew's most notorious piece of stemware vs. one of the WTFiest moments in Law & Order history!

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Big Carl

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'Is This Because I'm A Lesbian?'

The case for Big Carl

The short-sighted would look at Big Carl and see a vessel in the shape of a wine glass, but so very large that the notion of actually using him to drink wine would be absurd -- like taking one of those giant spoons that come with a salad serving set and trying to eat cereal with it. But Jules Cobb is not bound by convention, at least when it comes to the drinking of wine. And she took that stalwart fellow out of the antique store where he was holding 8000 pennies and drank countless bottles of wine from him before her son's clumsy girlfriend knocked him onto the floor, killing him instantly.

Big Carl was succeeded by other, even larger "wine glasses," but Jules surely never forgot her first, and neither should we. — Tara Ariano

The case for 'Is This Because I'm A Lesbian?'

We all knew Elisabeth Rohm's ADA Serena Southerlyn was leaving at the end of "Ain't No Love," so when she walked into Arthur Branch's office at the end of the episode, a grateful nation exhausted by Rohm's implacable woodenness leaned forward, gleefully anticipating the firing that awaited.

And we got it, but Dick Wolf wanted her to go out with a bang (as it were) -- that, or the writers had gotten fed up with her shit-ass line readings and decided to give her an out-of-nowhere "character" "beat" on the way out the door that played even more ridiculously in the hands of the incompetent Rohm than it did on paper. As Fred Thompson struggled manfully not to giggle hysterically, the internet almost literally exploded with variations on a theme of WTF, and it was glorious. Weird, cheap, and dumb...but glorious.

Best of all, she was still fired. ("By us, too." - lesbians everywhere.) — Sarah D. Bunting

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