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Ben Sisko's Baseball vs. The Mystery Machine

It's both a national pastime and a convenient metaphor for linear existence vs. like, the grooviest van ever!

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Ben Sisko's Baseball

418 votes

The Mystery Machine

The case for Ben Sisko's Baseball

Ah, Benjamin Sisko. The biggest baseball fan in the 24th century. From the start of DS9, baseball was key to the show, as our future captain was able to use it as an entry point to explain linear time to a group of non-linear aliens. Over the course of the show, Sisko's baseball would grow to become a symbol for the Captain himself, letting us know if he did, or did not plan on coming back from his varied adventures. You think a hockey puck is going to do that? No. — the47thman

The case for The Mystery Machine

What else would a respectable roving band of mystery-solving teenagers use to transport themselves from the haunted amusement park to the abandoned candy factory? It's got ladders, ropes, lanterns, surveillance equipment, and wall-to-wall computers. And groovy orange flowers, too. JINKIES! — generate789

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