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Bat-Climb Window Cameos vs. Annie's Christmas Song

It's superheroes meeting nosy celebrities vs. a lesson in deminiminmeghh!

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Bat-Climb Window Cameos

131 votes

Annie's Christmas Song

The case for Bat-Climb Window Cameos

Why did so many celebrities choose to stay in the same hotels where Gotham's most notorious super-villains were hatching their nefarious plots? The world may never know. Also, it should probably be a requirement that all future incarnations of Batman be given reason to say: "Yes, citizen, you may return to your harpsichord." — generate789

The case for Annie's Christmas Song

The long case: Community's second Christmas special delightfully skewers Glee, baby boomers, Kings of Leon, and the weird infantilisation of women for 'sexy' purposes.

The short case: Boopy-doopy-doop-boop sex! — Niall

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