Photos: CBS, Showtime, Netflix; Illustration: Previously.TV

Bad Guys Looove Caracas

Which TV shows will be sending their villains to Venezuela next?

Are you a nefarious drug lord? An eco-terrorist? That lady who wouldn't let me off the subway car before you shoved your way inside? Well, I've got a surprise for you: according to television, evil people like you now belong in Venezuela.

In the last week alone, Homeland, The Blacklist, and Elementary have all sent bad guys on the lam to Caracas, and if you'll recall, Homeland's Brody (Damian Lewis) even moved into a lawless community in an unfinished high-rise. Every time he turned around, someone was getting killed, beaten, or fellated by a prostitute right out in public, which was the show's way of saying, "This place is unsavory."

Considering that Venezuela was recently named one of the ten most corrupt nations in the world, I guess I understand why it has become the lawless region of choice for TV writers. For the moment, it's a less clichéd option than an Unnamed Middle Eastern Country or Yet Another Place in Africa, which is why I'm sure we'll see more TV baddies heading to South America in the coming months. Here are some guesses at how other TV shows will ride the Venezuelan wave.

Law & Order: SVU: Benson (Mariska Hargitay) chases a suspected rapist to the Caracas airport. When the corrupt airport security team tries to hide him, she uses her wits and a helpful flight attendant to get around their ruse.

Orange Is The New Black: Mariana (Melonie Diaz), Black Cindy's (Adrienne C. Moore) new cellmate, seems strangely happy in lockup. "Compared to my neighborhood in Venezuela, this place is like church!" she explains. "And I don't mean those churches where the priests sell guns!"

The Amazing Race: Teams have to deliver a Travelocity gnome to the country's only honest mayor. Several teams choose the wrong mayor and later discover that their gnomes have been filled with street-grade heroin. This incurs a thirty-minute penalty at the check-in mat.

The Michael J. Fox Show: In a controversial sweeps week episode, Mike Henry (Michael J. Fox) decides to prove his bona fides by going undercover in a Venezuelan cartel, only to become their charmingly hapless kingpin. Co-starring Tina Yothers as Crazy Luz.

Talking Dead: Chris Hardwick asks a visiting Venezuelan drug lord what HE would do if the Governor (David Morrissey) came back. Walking Dead star Steven Yeun offers constructive criticism.