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Bachelor In Paradise And So You Think You Can Dance Race To The Finish, While Last Week Tonight And Dancing With The Stars Prep For New Beginnings

We're looking at sunrises and sunsets in Lunch And A Show!

Normally I mark the end of summer with the season finale of Royal Pains, but since we only got a short season due to Reshma Shetty's pregnancy (such inconsiderate timing), I had to find another way to mark the occasion, and the end of one of summer's biggest shows should do it. Bachelor In Paradise wrapped its second season with the most dramatic Rose Ceremony ever (since the last one, anyway), and our Stephanie Green was there. (Not literally, of course -- we would never put one of our contributors at risk of contracting airborne gonorrhea.) If you need colour commentary on which participants got their hearts stomped on national television and which found love that will endure for weeks on end, Stephanie's got you covered.

Elsewhere in reality TV sunsets, Daniel MacEachern ranked the final in-competition performances of So You Think You Can Dance -- the last chance for the remaining dancers to impress the judges and voters before next week's season finale...which may also end up being the series finale. Can it possibly be true that this will be America's very last chance to give "street" dance legitimacy?!

As SYTYCD prepares to take its final bow this year/ever, its fellow TV hoofing contest is ramping up for its 21st (!) season premiere next Monday, September 14, and to get everyone hyped, it's made its new contestants do their rendition of the Nae Nae. Some already have some professional dancing experience and managed to look passable doing what is obviously an extremely dumb-looking dance.

And some are Gary Busey.

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And it's not just fall TV that's about to crank up again: today's also the first day of school for many students, and Last Week Tonight returned from its two-week hiatus to brings us all a special web-exclusive back-to-school segment on what kids are NOT going to learn in class this year.


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