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Ayeyeyeyey vs. The Glee Finale Finale

It's Xena's war cry vs. one last manipulative musical number!

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The Glee Finale Finale

The case for Ayeyeyeyey

Warrior princesses are everywhere today. We have Lexa from the 100, Arya and Brienne from Game of Thrones, almost everyone from Once Upon a Time, whoever Evangeline Lilly's character is on the Hobbit movies... Some of them are pretty great characters but even the best would improve with a trademark battle cry (e.g. "What do we say to the god of death? Ayeyeyeyeyey"). — Elemte

The case for The Glee Finale Finale

Glee could be a maddeningly frustrating show even at its best, and no one could claim that its final seasons were its best. But in its very last minutes Glee did what it was so good at: manipulated the audience's emotions masterfully with music and nostalgia, using seemingly every living cast member from the entire run, the memory of a dead one, and some extremely on-the-nose lyrics: "I hope when the moment comes, you'll say I did it all." And then some, Glee. — Adam Grosswirth

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