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America's Next Top Model May Get Revived At A New Outlet

Let's talk TV resurrections!

Thrilling news for all who threw their TVs in the garbage when The CW announced the current season of America's Next Top Model would be its last: the current season might not actually be its last! Deadline reports that EP/showrunner Ken Mok is shopping the show to cable networks and streaming services. Competitive reality hasn't really been a format that's penetrated the streaming space yet, but maybe this will be the exception???

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Resurrection was actually a theme in a lot of last night's TV!

  • Arrow reached into the NBC vault and pulled out Constantine -- like, Matt Ryan, who actually played John Constantine on the eponymous series until NBC cancelled it. Monty Ashley liked it, partly but not entirely because there was a hatch! Monty loves those.
  • In the latest Again With This podcast on Beverly Hills, 90210, the show actually revived Kyle, Kelly's maybe-gay summer crush, for a storyline that found Brandon investigating...snicker...steroid use for the Blaze. (A lot of parents read it.
  • And on American Horror Story, we all learned it's a bad idea to resurrect a little kid as a vampire because he might be more bloodthirsty than he is mindful of not getting caught killing a shitload of people? GREAT JOB, ALEX.


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