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Al & 'The Unfortunate Rake' vs. Yogurt

It's Al Swearingen shows unexpected artistic talent vs. the snack food approved by Michael Westen!

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Al & 'The Unfortunate Rake'

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The case for Al & 'The Unfortunate Rake'

Deadwood's Al Swearingen was many things - a pimp, a murderer, a civic leader, a dirty-mouthed philosopher. But in the show's final season, he revealed an unexpected dimension. Demurring from an appearance at Deadwood's first - and possibly last - Talent Night, while nursing wounded pride and a missing finger, while closing up the Gem he began to sing the old ballad, "The Unfortunate Rake". Starting quietly, he built to a towering crescendo that surely would have won him first prize. — TudorQueen

The case for Yogurt

The key to being a badass spy? Yogurt. Starting with the pilot, Burn Notice regularly featured Michael Westen eating this tasty, protein-rich dairy product. Proving that yogurt isn't just for the ladies. — Trini

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