Add Ian McShane To The List Of Deadwood Alums In High-Profile Miniserieseses

...With James Earl Jones.

What the hell?

Jesus Of Nazareth is a classic late-'70s super-ambitious TV miniseries; subjects don't get too much higher concept than Jesus. And the casting couldn't get too much more late-'70s either, as you'll see in the JoN trailer below:

How'd you find this...whatever this is?

Having accidentally stumbled on a James Earl Jones theme for the week, I went digging in his IMDb entry...and found yet another Deadwood guy in yet another "...yikes" role.

Who cares?

Anne Bancroft as Mary Magdalene? Who DOESN'T care?! The cast also includes Ernest Borgnine, Laurence Olivier, Ian Holm, Rod Steiger, Michael York overacting as usual as John the Baptist, and Robert Powell as J.C. You can watch the entire series here, but having survived the experience as a church-school youth, I wouldn't advise it. Director Franco Zeffirelli has his weaknesses (Olivia Hussey) and they're on full display here.


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