A Movie Wrapped In A TV Show Nestled Inside A Website

Plus, we wrap up Jessica Jones in more ways than one in Lunch And A Show.

Previously.TV wraps up its coverage of Jessica Jones with a review of S1 by Eve -- and a review of Hogarth's girlfriend's, well, wrap dresses by Lauren. And Stephanie might have advised some of the Project Runway: Junior kids to go with the DVF classic this week, while Jeff reports on whether a Top Chef got away with a dessert.

We're also wrapping up our The Man In The High Castle coverage today with, among other things, some questions from Tara about Smith's kid and Kido's stink-eyes -- and in honor of the latest addition to the movies-within-TV-shows canon, enjoy a video essay from screen rant about cine-references hidden in television programs:

Or enjoy a full playlist of Lost's Dharma Initiative training films. And here's everyone's LEAST favorite TV filmmaker, Dawson Leery, as the Beek relives his "douchiest moment" on Conan:


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