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A Big Ol' Dianne Wiest Infection vs. Squat Cobbler

It's Brooklyn Nine-Nine's best cold open vs. Saul breaking down the rich tapestry of the world!

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A Big Ol' Dianne Wiest Infection

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Squat Cobbler

The case for A Big Ol' Dianne Wiest Infection

This cold open from Brooklyn Nine-Nine's The Overminding is amazing and everything a sitcom cold open can be. The pregnantiest of pregnant pauses. — Glark with video assist by RevmodDon.

The case for Squat Cobbler

"Full Moon Moonpie." "Boston Cream Splat." "Simple Simon the Assman." "Dutch Apple Ass." Come on guys. You know what Squat Cobbler is. — Khal D

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