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A Big Ol' Dianne Wiest Infection vs. Playing Doctor

It's Brooklyn Nine-Nine's best cold open vs. not being a doctor but playing one on TV!

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A Big Ol' Dianne Wiest Infection

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Playing Doctor

The case for A Big Ol' Dianne Wiest Infection

This cold open from Brooklyn Nine-Nine's The Overminding is amazing and everything a sitcom cold open can be. The pregnantiest of pregnant pauses. — Glark with video assist by RevmodDon.

The case for Playing Doctor

"I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TV" is a famous catchphrase, but how many people remember the commercial it originated from? I was a wee little one when this commercial was being aired in the late 80s, but even then I knew it made no sense. I even would mentally fill in "and I'm going to give you medical advice anyway" after it. It must have worked though, because it aired for quite some time, IIRC. — aquarian1

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