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Real Booze, Runway Fabric, And RuPaul's Cross-Stitch: Gifts For Unscripted/Reality Fans

Lunch And A Show gives new meaning to the term 'gag gift.' Pass the Shot-Ski!

It's almost a wrap (ugh, sorry! hashtag Friday) on the Previously.TV holiday gift guide! All week, we've shared our best ideas for fans of crime shows, kids' shows, superhero shows, and soapy/"relationship" shows; we're ending with gifts for fans of reality and unscripted fare.

Heeeeeere's Johnny! (And Chris Harrison, and Nev and Max!)

  1. The Amazing Race
    The perfect gift for the TAR fan who'd never consider going on the actual show: the DVD board game! (Phil brow sold separately.)
  2. The Bachelor
    Nothing beats a juicy tell-all; usually those books disappoint, but Courtney Robertson's (the Ben-Flajnik season/"Winning!" woman) is pretty good. Chris Harrison's novel isn't, but that's almost beside the point.
  3. Cake Boss
    Yeah, the cake carrier is one of those "but I use it once a year and it takes up soooo much rooooom" kind of things...but the CB-branded one at Kohl's is cute, and the next time the recipient has to cab it with a baked good, s/he'll thank you.
  4. Catfish
    You kind of have to read Nev's book to believe how terrible it is; you might be better off gifting the movie Max abandoned us with the likes of Charlamagne to go make.
  5. Dancing With The Stars
    Host Tom Bergeron's memoir made Sarah Team Berge forever.
  6. Keeping Up With The Kardashians
    Make waking up with the Kardashians hilarious with a Kim-cryface mug from PooSparkles (I mean, the Etsy store name alone is worth the price IBO). And don't worry, even when the mug's in the dishwasher you can still keep Kim's mug close to you with cryface earrings.
  7. Project Runway
    Prime your niblings for PR greatness with a PR fashion-illustration portfolio. (Or...your aunt, if your aunt's name rhymes with "Flunting." Said aunt would also really dig this tomato fabric from S1 winner Jay McCarroll, whose designs are still her favorite fine I mean myself shut up.)
  8. The Real Housewives Of New Jersey
    Well, look, eventually you get to that point in the party where you want something crisp and fruity but you're honestly too drunk to care what it tastes like or that you're a collaborator with Big Housewife, and also Fabellini is an excellent gag gift (that may not be disgusting! we've never tried it).
  9. The Real Housewives Of New York City
    Keep cool and Countess with a tank top that sports one of her quotes. (Speaking of keeping cool, we don't know how Andy Cohen does it at these reunions, and that's why he gets his own set of dress-up magnets.)
  10. RuPaul's Drag Race
    Reassure visitors to your home of your well-meaning sincerity with a "no tea, no shade" cross-stitch.
  11. Survivor
    Outwit, outplay, outyell at your cousins with the Survivor board game. (To serve Probstier realness, don't forget a chambray camp shirt.)
  12. The Tonight Show
    If a giftee in your life, like Patty Chase, misses Johnny, get him/her the four-decades DVD set featuring Carson.
  13. Top Chef
    They slice, they dice, they julienne Blais: it's the Top Chef-branded knife set.
  14. Watch What Happens Live
    Drink along with the guests du jour with your very own Shot-Ski (also available in hockey-stick form -- phew!).


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