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Brenda Shirts, General Hospital Games, And Crying Dawson Pins: Gifts For Soap/Romance-Show Fans

Don't forget to right a fang-you note for those Barnabas Collins teeth!

The Previously.TV holiday gift guide continues! So far, we've shared our best ideas for fans of crime shows, kids' shows, and superhero shows; today, like red-and-green sands through the Santa-glass, we turn our attention to presents for fans of soaps and romance/relationshippy shows.

...Look, we had to shoehorn in the Crying Dawson pin somewhere and YEAH YOU READ THAT RIGHT. Scroll down quick before John Ramos buys them all!

  1. All My Children
    Spend "an afternoon in Pine Valley" with a vintage AMC board game.
  2. Beverly Hills, 90210
    A veritable plethora of gifts await the 90210 fan/hate-watcher: Glarkware's comfortable, graciously fonted Don't Be Such A Squeef tee; TotalMajor's Keeping It Bitchy Brenda tee; the complete set of dolls (spoiler: no Ohhhhhndrea); and the I Hate Brenda book; and a card for your bestie commemorating that time you guys got in a fight over wearing the same fugly dress and then one of you lost her virginity. You know...that time. And if you want to give your office bulletin board that Buntsy flare, snag a copy of the 90210 Rolling Stone ish.
  3. The Carrie Diaries
    No, we won't stop missing this show out loud for all to hear/read. If you feel the same, snag a Carrie phone case. That way you can feel fancy when you listen to a Carrie Diaries novel on said phone.
  4. Dark Shadows
    Give your Barnabas Collins costume extra authenticity next year with these vintage branded fangs. (...hee, "UNUSED"!)
  5. Dawson's Creek
    Quite possibly the best moment in the show's run, Crying Dawson can now be worn on your lapel. Hell, line up a whole row of them.
  6. Days Of Our Lives
    Like grounds through the hourglass...a Days mug makes your (Irish?) coffee more fun in the mornings.
  7. Degrassi (both/all)
    Drake earrings and the classic "Marco&"-style character-names tee for fans of the reboot; novelizations and sew-on patches for old-schoolers. It's never too soon to get the nipper into a Zit Remedy onesie.
  8. Dynasty
    If you're handy with a needle or know someone who is, Etsy's full of McCall's patterns that let you recreate Joan Collins's most iconic '80s looks. Don't forget the spectator pumps!
  9. General Hospital
    This vintage board game from the classic soap bills itself as a "role-playing game," and here's how I know it's awesome: one of the character briefs pictured in the sales listing is that of Jackie "Demi Moore" Templeton. Your next game night is about to get scandalous.
  10. How I Met Your Mother
    Not that this is directly related to the show OF COURSE wink wink BUT Glarkware's Let's Go To The Mall shirt is seasonally on point.
  11. The Mindy Project
    Whatever you think of the latest twists and downturns in "Dandy," Dr. Lahiri's fashion science remains the tightest. Show your appreciation for the master with a pack of Crayolas and a TMP coloring book. Pair them with Vulture's printable Mindy paper dolls to while away a full rainy day.
  12. Nashville
    Asking Santa for better hair this year? Me too, amigos. Maybe lighting a candle to Our Lady Of Perpetual Awesomeness will ensure tonsorial success.
  13. Once Upon A Time
    Nautical-themed jewelry is hot right now; Captain Hook is also hot, at least in his OUAT iteration. An anchor necklace is subtly perfect for fans.
  14. Sex & The City
    Forget the cupcake tours and the Manolos: wear an iconic credits moment from the fashionable show with this "Carrie." tee.