Photo: AMC

Chris Hardwick Will Host AMC's Breaking Bad After-Show

Related: there will be a Breaking Bad after-show.

This just in via AMC press release: Talking Bad, the Breaking Bad after-show that will accompany BB's last eight episodes starting next month, will be hosted by Chris Hardwick. In addition to being the impresario behind the Nerdist media network, Hardwick already hosts Talking Dead, the network's Walking Dead after-show.

I have a lot of feelings about the very existence of a Breaking Bad after-show, and though this is a little cheap, I'm going to direct you to this post, which I wrote when Talking Bad was announced, back in April before this site was live. That is, assuming you haven't already read through the ten months of archives from before we were visible to the public.

Oh, you have read them all? Cool!