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America's Next Top Model Is All Wet

A dull commercial shoot and arbitrary judges' panel sink Cycle 23's penultimate episode. 2017.03.01S23.E13

Darlene Love Saves New Girl's Christmas

It's what she was born to do. 2016.12.14S06.E10

Watch All* The Crossover Fun That Ensued When Brooklyn Nine-Nine Met New Girl

Soup, busking, and stern but kind advice: 'It's a crossover,' all right! 2016.10.11S04.E04

Watch A Promo For The Brooklyn Nine-Nine/New Girl Crossover Episode

If it involves a subplot with Nick Miller, Winston Bishop, and Charles Boyle, it'll probably be fantastic. 2016.10.05

It's Time To End New Girl

Haley Chouinard is not a crackpot. She just thinks it's time to leave the loft for good. 2016.09.20S06.E01

New Girl And Brooklyn Nine-Nine Are Crossing Over, And There's So Many Ways This Gimmick Might Actually Work

If Nick Miller finds a hilarious way to get arrested...but that's only one. Read on for more! 2016.08.09

When New Girl Throws A Wedding, No One Holds Their Peace

So let's collect each character's best quote from the Season 5 finale! 2016.05.11S05.E21

Floor Bourbon To French Whore's Bath: The Week's Best Moments For New Girl Nick

Schmidt's surrogate dad shows why he got the job...and why he maybe shouldn't have it? 2016.05.04S05.E20

Watch New Girl Go Bollywood In A Preview Clip From The Season 5 Premiere

Warning: may make you wish you could go back and redo your own engagement party. 2015.12.18S05.E01

Watch A Trailer For Season 5 Of New Girl

Schmidt's almost back! SCHMIDT'S ALMOST BACK!!! 2015.12.09

What New Girl Replacement For Zooey Deschanel Would Be Less Jarring Than Megan Fox?

It's only temporary, but still...bombshell Megan Fox in lieu of adorkable Zooey Deschanel? We have other ideas. 2015.09.18

Barry On The Gate

Billy Eichner stars in New Girl's midseason finale whose every line kills, basically. 2014.12.10S04.E11

Winston: New Girl's Plot Sorbet

The character with the tiniest role in 'Girl Fight' ends up its MVP. 2014.12.03S04.E10

Laundry Technology Makes New Girl's Snob And Slob Switch Places

When Schmidt admits he can't do laundry, who will show him how? THE ANSWER MAY SURPRISE YOU. 2014.11.19S04.E08

Nick's Got A Name For The Barely-Desirables He's Banging These Days

And before adopting it, he workshopped it. 2014.11.11S04.E07

The Worst Situations Bring Out The Best In Nick Miller

An instant-classic New Girl reminds us of what Nick does best: panic hilariously. 2014.11.05S04.E06

How Sexually Experienced Is Mindy? Let's Find Out Together!

An 'innocent' 'I slipped!' leads to a dirtbag's investigation into exactly how much Mindy's been...er...road-tested. 2014.10.08S03.E04

The Bad Blind Date Openers Hall Of Fame

When Schmidt gives Jess a crash course in Tinder 'Dice,' she's exposed to some of L.A.'s least eligible bachelors. 2014.09.23S04.E02

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