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Is The Good Fight Worth Fighting For?

Is it worth signing up for CBS's streaming service to watch The Good Wife, Part 2? 2017.02.16S01.E01

Does BrainDead's Gustav Watch The Good Wife?

And more not-quite-burning questions sparked by the latest BrainDead! 2016.06.27S01.E03

Would You Be Crazy To Watch BrainDead?

Will the new political/sci-fi drama/comedy be what you need to get through this election season, or will it make your head explode? 2016.06.13S01.E01

The Good Wife Dusts Off Her Old Routine For Peter's Trial

But can even the intercession of St. Alicia save him now? 2016.05.02S07.E21

The Good Wife Gives Alicia A New Opportunity To Earn That Nickname

Connor Fox's case against Peter proceeds faster than anyone would like, while a 'C-list Edward Snowden' gets detained in -- gulp -- Canada!!! 2016.04.18S07.E19

Will High Risks Pay Off With Huge Rewards On The Good Wife?

This refers both to Veronica's swindling by a smooth-talking day trader, and to Alicia's growing commitment to sex with Jason, so at least we know her eyes work. 2016.03.07S07.E16

The Good Wife Drones About Drones In A Case Lazily Ripped From The Headlines

Blatant political grandstanding and weird sexism? It's like Aaron Sorkin wrote this episode. Only then it might have at least been a little entertaining. 2016.02.22S07.E15

Rowby Canton Returns To The Good Wife To Get The Old Band Back Together

And when he's not romancing Lucca, the only two law firms in Chicago are battling each other over poaching and re-poaching clients. 2016.01.18S07.E12

The Good Wife Pretends Iowa Doesn't Make Her Want To Barf

Peter is less successful on this score. Elsewhere, a David Lee maneuver might screw Howard over, and the partners' racism goes under the state's microscope. 2016.01.11S07.E11

Eli's Evil Plan Risks Entirely Predictable Collateral Damage On The Good Wife

Maybe he should talk to one of the summer intern applicants Lockhart Agos Lee didn't hire. She's got some good ideas for how to be bad. 2015.11.09S07.E06

The Good Wife Cooks Up Another Opportunity For Campaign Managers To Spar Behind The Scenes

Alicia takes a break from a case involving designer GHB to go on a cooking show and yell at her mother. How's that rehabilitation strategy going, Ruth? 2015.10.19S07.E03

The Good Wife Investigates New Investigators

When an actually good case happens to come to Alicia through bond court, she's going to need a new Kalinda. Could Jeffrey Dean Morgan fill her high-heeled boots? 2015.10.11S07.E02

The Good Wife Starts Over, Again

In the season premiere, Alicia gets new challenges, and The Good Wife gets new life. 2015.10.04S07.E01

The Good Wife Marathon Diary Reaches Its Bitter End

Our Marathon Diarist winds up her assignment as The Good Wife limps to the end of its sixth season. 2015.09.17

The Good Wife Offers More Questions Than Answers

Even Alicia looks like she can't figure out what is going on with these storylines as our Marathon Diarist hits the middle of The Good Wife's sixth season. 2015.09.10

The Good Wife Goes Behind Bars

As the sixth season opens, our Marathon Diarist discovers that Cary ends up arrested and imprisoned, and Alicia finally declares her candidacy for State's Attorney. 2015.09.03

The Good Wife Goes Through The Stages Of Grief

Our Marathon Diarist watches Alicia go through all the stages of grief, if one of them is sexual interest in Matthew Goode (and it should be). 2015.08.27

The Good Wife Mourns A Death In The Family

Our Marathon Diarist is saddened but not shocked by the loss of a pivotal character in Season 5. 2015.08.20

The Good Wife Marathon Diarist Sees Alicia And Cary Fly Free

Kim Reed finds out what happens when the splitters finally split. 2015.08.13

On The Good Wife, Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves, And Sometimes Other People

Marathon Diarist Kim Reed takes note of how the women on the show are faring by the end of the third season. 2015.07.17

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