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The Walking Dead Gets Lost In The Wilderness

Debates about faith, and swamps both ethical and literal, bog down an otherwise suspenseful chase episode in this EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP! 2018.03.15S08.E11

Is Rick Putting Himself In Check In The Walking Dead S08.E06?

Pieces get moved around the board and the white king turns himself over to an enemy in 'The King, The Widow, And Rick.' 2017.12.28S08.E06

The Sanctuary's Under Siege In The Walking Dead S08.E05

While trapped together in 'The Big Scary U,' Negan and Gabriel try to play missionary to each other. Guess who ends up on top. 2017.12.26S08.E05

Interpersonal Conflicts And Loss Plague Rick's Crew In S08.E03 Of The Walking Dead

Rick's plan to take down Negan was going great, and then all of a sudden, it wasn't. 2017.12.19S08.E03

The Walking Dead's Midseason Finale Disrupts The Best-Laid Plans, And Also Rick's

The Grimes boys end up getting everyone into deep crap. 2017.12.15S08.E08

Rick Fires Up The Troops For All-Out War On The Walking Dead

The Season 8 premiere forgoes bloat while opening up some intriguing possibilities with Multiple Ricks. 2017.10.25S08.E01

Sasha Has Some Decisions To Make On The Walking Dead

The solo Negan attacker figures out how badly she wants to stay in the fight. 2017.03.27S07.E15

Friendship Matters To Sasha, Rosita, And Even Jesus On The Walking Dead

Everyone's plotting against Negan, but not everybody's on the same page. 2017.03.20S07.E14

It's Time For The Walking Dead To Raise An Army Against Negan

Resist! That's what's on Rick Grimes's mind, but he's gonna need help from people outside Alexandria. 2017.02.13S07.E09

Maggie And Sasha Learn That The Hilltop Is Super-Stupid On The Walking Dead

A bad leader, no citizens of note except Jesus, and now Enid's there. PASS. 2016.11.21S07.E05

Jesus Makes The Walking Dead World A Lot Bigger

Rick's crew gains an expanded worldview, starting with The Hilltop. 2016.02.29S06.E11

Ain't No Cure For The Summertime Zoo!

Can the Zoo Croo go to a place to find a thing, then make a thing and save the world? Let's call it a strong maybe! 2015.09.09S01.E11

'Get In The Truck And Let's Go To Africa'

The Zoo Croo raises more questions this week. Some of them might even have answers. 2015.09.02S01.E10

Angry Birds

The Zoo Croo isn't playing games with the animals this week. Or are they? 2015.08.26S01.E09

'So We're Going On A Rat Hunt?'

And other important questions the Zoo Croo raised, but didn't really answer, this week. 2015.08.19S01.E08

Raylan Of Hassle Manor

As he continues occupying Monroe's giant house, Raylan is beset by a dirtbag with a baseball bat, and a maid looking in on the $100K koi. 2014.01.21S05.E03

Young Slingers In Love: A Justified Romance

Loretta returns to bring us a teen love story we're not likely to see on The CW anytime soon. 2014.01.14S05.E02

Mathison: Impossible

The big twist has style, Virgil's back, and Dummy & Clyde is so dumb, it's hilare. Is Homeland maybe kind of…back? 2013.10.21S03.E04


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