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The Assassination Of Gianni Versace Begins At The End

American Crime Story returns with a portrait of the assassin as a self-loathing grifter. 2018.01.17S02.E01

EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP: The Law & Order: SVU Premiere Tries To Get Smart

Amy Smart, that is. Also, a different Noah, same old boring peril; Luke from Nashville is a monster; and Cassidy's back! 2017.11.29S19.E01

Exactly How Many Potential Big Bads Are There On Time After Time?

The list keeps growing but one of them better not be Doug. Chris Huff has questions about 'Out Of Time'! 2017.03.12S01.E03

Nashville Does Some Wheelin' And Dealin'

And brings back an old friend in the process. 2017.02.02S05.E06

Nashville's Series Finale Gives Happy Conclusions To Everyone Who Matters

Except one, but we won't talk about that. 2016.05.26S04.E21

Nashville Bids Hello To Sir Elton

Too bad it's in aid of a dumb subplot. 2016.05.19S04.E20

Nashville Offers Juliette A Rebound Relationship

And she could definitely do worse! 2016.05.12S04.E19

Nashville To Deacon: Temper, Temper

Will it cost him and Rayna custody of Maddie? 2016.05.05S04.E18

Nashville Fields An Emancipation Proclamation

But for some reason, Rayna and Deacon don't want to let their bratty daughter go. 2016.04.28S04.E17

On Nashville, Maddie Emancipates Herself From Parental Slavery

None but Cash can free her mind. 2016.04.21S04.E16

Nashville Chooses Hugs, Not Drugs

A great episode remembers the show's way more interesting when it focuses on interpersonal weirdness instead of substance problems. 2016.04.14S04.E15

Nashville Takes To Mending Fences

Some relationships reach détente this week -- including one involving this lady. 2016.04.07S04.E14

Nashville Is Living La Vita Loca

If by 'loca' you mean 'no one cares-a.' 2016.03.31S04.E13

Will Nashville Follow The Wedding Of The Century With The Divorce Of The Millennium?

We joke about Crayla but her plan is actually not that crazy at all. (Evil? Yes. It is evil.) 2016.03.24S04.E12

Will Nashville Get Cold Feet?

It's Rayna and Deacon's wedding day, but some people have doubts...and that includes the groom. 2016.03.16S04.E11

The Bottom Falls Out On Nashville

Two of our leads take major financial hits. And just in time for Christmas! 2015.12.10S04.E10

Parents Just Don't Understand

There's a lot of parent-child strife on Nashville this week. 2015.11.19S04.E08

Coming To Terms

Jeff's death hits Nashville's players pretty hard, but does Juliette own up to her part? 2015.11.12S04.E07

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