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Victoria Ties The Knot

Where does the royal wedding leave everyone else? 2017.02.05S01.E05

Watch A Trailer For ABC's Gay Rights Miniseries When We Rise

Some good things are still happening in culture. 2016.11.21

Should You Go-See Oxygen's Trans Model Reality Show Strut?

The gorgeous glamazons of the Slay modeling agency let you see what their professional and personal lives are like. Will you be interested? 2016.09.20S01.E01

Watch This Late Show Segment For Their Celebrity Chat Line (And Then, Give Them A Call)

Stephen Colbert gives us a chance to hear even more stories about our favorite celebrities. 2016.09.19

Star Trek: The Next Generation S03: Oh Crap, Son, It’s The Borg

But that's just one highlight in our more descriptive Season 3 episode blurbs. 2016.07.26

Vote For The Best Star Trek Fantasy Draft Team!

The winner gets a DonorsChoose.org donation and some dilithium crystals! Boldly go vote today! 2016.07.26

Broad City Shows You How To Celebrate Victory With Grace And Good Sportsmanship -- Like ALL-CAPS ABBI!

Get your Reaction GIFs folder ready: you're going to want all of Abbi's expressions of triumph for the next time you OWN. 2016.03.02S03.E03

John Travolta Joined An All-Star Cast For His First Voice-Acting Role In Our Friend, Martin

He's a bully who turns over a friendly new leaf in 1999's painfully earnest educational cartoon about Dr. King and the prime directive. ...Yup. 2016.01.18

There's No Saving This Date

Yeah yeah, 'it's not a date.' Whatever it is, maybe-future-Lieutenant Benson and Deputy Chief Eyebrows have to put it on hold when a child-welfare case blows up. 2015.10.08S17.E04

Every Show Needs A Little Dick (Wolf)

Foolproof lupine franchise options for four hit shows. 2015.03.26

Rosie O'Donnell Loses Her Ear As Nip/Tuck Loses Its Mind

And other such silliness, such as Christian getting upset that 6,000 people have downloaded his porn tape off YouTube. 2015.02.10

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Scarlett's mother turns up and doesn't completely act like she needs to be committed -- but Scarlett does so for her. 2014.04.03S02.E19


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