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Can You Hide From Inspector Lewis?

The Wheel of Murder makes its final stop of 2016 just in time to hit a beloved staple. 2016.09.02

Do You Need A Reason To Watch Agatha Raisin?

Or do we include it in the raisin ban? 2016.08.26

Does Your Nose Know The Sniffer?

The Wheel of Murder spins to Eastern Europe. Al Lowe smells what you're cookin' up, Ukraine. 2016.08.12

Are You Hot Enough To Enter The Lava Field?

The Wheel of Murder spins to Iceland. Forward Al Lowe's mail to the volcano. 2016.08.05

Should You Give A Schnitzel About Bukow And König?

Now is the time on The Wheel of Murder when we dance! 2016.07.22

Can You Take A Beating From Marcella?

The Wheel of Murder returns to London for a modern-day mind-trip police procedural. 2016.07.15

Are You Ready To Crack Open The Dariba Diaries?

The Wheel of Murder rolls languidly to the East in search of the best kebabs. 2016.06.24

Should You Bury Yourself In The Undertaker?

The Wheel of Murder makes its first trip to Switzerland, where a cop turned mortician can't stay out of the lives of the dead. 2016.06.17

Shall We Gather At The River?

The Wheel of Murder returns to wonder why Stellan Skarsgård is talking to himself. 2016.06.09

Midsomer Murders Will Teach You To Watch Your Back In England's Green And Pleasant Land

The Wheel of Murder makes its final stop of the year in the dangerous English countryside. 2015.08.14

What Evil Lurks In The Hearts Of Man? You'd Know If You Were Chasing Shadows

The Wheel of Murder makes a stop in London Town to pick up their latest prickly, misunderstood detective. 2015.08.07

Scotland Reminds Us All Why We Didn't Love The '80s

Al Lowe rides the Wheel of Murder down the contentious alleys of Glasgow with The Field Of Blood. 2015.07.31

The Brokenwood Mysteries Is New Zealand's New Take On An Old-School Style

Al Lowe rolls the Wheel of Murder all the way around the world for The Brokenwood Mysteries. 2015.07.24

Revolting Prison Tea For Two

Buntsy joins Al on a Wheel Of Murder road trip to Criminal Justice's London. 2015.07.17

Serangoon Road Presents 'Goon Squad Goals Worth Aspiring To

The Wheel takes an exotic Asian turn down Serangoon Road. 2015.07.10

Summer Fun (And Dead Bodies) In Sweden!

It's time to catch some rays (and some human body parts) as Al Lowe spins the Wheel of Murder into the sea. 2015.06.26

Come Fly With Me

Al Lowe takes a confusing spin behind the Wheel when she encounters some uncivil Sevillians in Falcón. 2015.06.19

Wake Up Your Dead!

The Wheel rolls back in time just a bit to take on British fan fave, Waking the Dead. 2015.06.12

Great Danes

The Wheel Of Murder rolls to Denmark as Al Lowe tries to discern why such cool people would enjoy such a revolting snack. 2015.06.05

'Oo-ooh, That Smell! Can't You See That Smell?'

Al Lowe tries and fails to make sense of the wonderfully weird Sensory Couple when the Wheel of Murder spins to South Korea. 2015.05.29

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