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Wendell Pierce Is Busier Than You Are

The Odd Couple star is in everything. He's also saving the world. 2016.10.17

Pop: The Question

A few casting suggestions for the role of Abbie and Jenny's dad on Sleepy Hollow. 2015.10.23S03.E04

Lunch And A Show: It's Baltimore, Gentlemen

David Simon and deadpan poe-lease. 2015.08.05

Many Are Trapped For Hours In Darkness And Confusion

It's time to wind up The Wire's Marathon Diary! 2015.04.09

The Fabulists

Who's a more offensive fake, the red ribbon killer or EJ? 2015.04.02

Dick In A Box

In Season 4 of The Wire, dicks pop up all over. 2015.03.26

You Finish The Pot, You Make The Next One

If The Wire's new mayor doesn't comprehend basic office etiquette, how's he going to save Baltimore? 2015.03.12

The Wheels On The Bus(t) Go Round And Round

As Season 4 of The Wire begins, everyone's getting schooled. 2015.03.05

Design Not Quite Within Reach

It's going to take more than a tastefully appointed condo to get you through Season 3 of The Wire in one piece. 2015.02.26

Should You Buddy Up With The Odd Couple?

The classic Neil Simon joint gets a revival for our modern age. Should you welcome it into your home? 2015.02.19S01.E01

Robert's Rules Of Order

Season 3 of The Wire puts the 'organized' in 'organized crime.' 2015.02.19

Lots Of People Are Happy To Have Gotten Through Season 2

If it takes a ho to catch a ho, does that mean McNulty is Santa? 2015.02.12

Family Matters

Our Marathon Diarist is finally getting into Season 2 of The Wire, but enough with the Frankenweenie, please. 2015.02.05

Who Are You People And Why Should We Care?

As Season 2 of The Wire abruptly shifts gears, your Marathon Diarist struggles with her fear of change. 2015.01.29

EHG Mini: Second Chances

Career counselling for the stars of this season’s cancelled shows. 2014.04.04

Two Editors Agree: The Michael J. Fox Show's Harris Is Delightful

Sarah and Tara share their appreciation of Wendell Pierce. 2014.01.17

Pussy Bonpensiero Jury-Tampers A Guy To Death

And other notorious highlights from Law & Order: Mothership's fifth season. 2013.12.12

Michael J. Rox! (Sorry.)

The Michael J. Fox Show is on its way to being great. 2013.10.04S01.E03


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