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How To Get Away With Murder Delivers A Whole Lot Of Not Much

The two-hour season finale should have lasted about eight minutes. 2017.02.24S03.E14

Now That Gaga's Coming, Which Superstar Judges Should Be On RuPaul's Drag Race Next?

The show has clout, so why not use it to attract some flawless guests? 2017.02.23

How To Get Away With Murder Cries A Different Kind Of Tear

And naturally, Viola Davis sheds it perfectly. 2017.02.17S03.E13

How To Get Away With Murder Holds An Airing Of Grievances

Annalise doesn't want her students to murder her someday, so she encourages a healthy exchange of ideas (bitch sesh). 2016.11.04S03.E07

The Minor Characters Have More Fun On How To Get Away With Murder

The leads are too busy having sex with each other to actually do anything. 2016.10.28S03.E06

Who's Having The Worst Week On How To Get Away With Murder?

And is the top of this heap really worth aiming for? 2016.10.21S03.E05

Annalise Hits A New Rock Bottom On How To Get Away With Murder

And this time, there's nobody there to help her up. 2016.10.14S03.E04

On How to Get Away With Murder, Laurel Leaves These Other Fools Behind

She's in Miami, so she skips the dumb story with the ugly murderer. 2016.10.07S03.E03

Is Connor Becoming A Great Lawyer On How To Get Away With Murder?

It looks that way...and he may be a good person to boot. 2016.09.30S03.E02

How To Get Away With Murder Is Spreading The News…About Annalise's Trifling Behavior

Fire, death, and accusations. Sounds about right for the start of Season 3. 2016.09.23S03.E01

See What Viola Davis Got George Clooney As A Hostess Gift On Watch What Happens Live

Joel Kinnaman's not here for it, and we kind of agree? 2016.08.05S13.E133

The Season Finale Of How To Get Away With Murder Is Great Family Drama

The stuff about murder is (ahem) less great. 2016.03.18S02.E15

Why Does How To Get Away With Murder Think Flashbacks Are So Exciting?

The show looks back, but it has stopped moving forward. 2016.03.11S02.E14

How To Get Away With Murder Presents A Lot Of Old Evidence, Including Proof That Asher Is A Tool

Just because there aren't a lot of surprises, that doesn't mean Mark Blankenship's not still ranking the players! 2016.03.04S02.E13

Laurel Is Officially Over It On How To Get Away With Murder

And she's kicking ass in every possible direction this week. 2016.02.26S02.E12

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