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EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP: The Law & Order: SVU Premiere Tries To Get Smart

Amy Smart, that is. Also, a different Noah, same old boring peril; Luke from Nashville is a monster; and Cassidy's back! 2017.11.29S19.E01

The Man In The Mirror Is A Sleazy Pickup Artist On Law & Order: SVU

And the episode itself shows us two faces, with zippy dialogue and strong acting culminating in a cheap shocker. 2016.10.06S18.E03

The Blacklist Gets A Shalhoub Job

He's a man with a very particular set of skills...and TWO Pomeranians! 2016.02.05S03.E13

Cops And Roberts

The SVU premiere's got Robert Durst, Dallas Roberts, and Rollins feeling not so great, Bob! 2015.09.23S17.E01

If Memory Serves (Seventeen Years)

Cragen pitches in on a reopened case whose 'victim' wants to recant her accusations...again. 2015.05.06S16.E21

Huck From Scandal Purse-Snatches Some Lady To Death

And other rewritten loglines from Law & Order: Mothership's tenth season. 2014.11.24

Was Meadow The Linchpin All Along?

Mark Blankenship has finally seen the series finale of The Sopranos, and he has a theory. 2014.06.12S07.E09

Is The Fourth-Season Sopranos Finale A Tour De Force Or An Overrated Mess?

Sarah and Mark reconsider 'Whitecaps,' Carmela, and the Soprano Hug Of Aggression. 2014.05.02S04.E13

What Other Revolutionary Figures Should Show Up On Sleepy Hollow?

It's just a matter of time before Jefferson shows up for a catfight with Crane. Who's next? 2013.11.12S01.E07

Repressed Memories Solve The Etan Patz Case

And other cuddly memories from the second season of Law & Order: Mothership. 2013.10.03


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