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The Best-Laid Plans Of Better Call Saul Often Go Awry

Not all of them, but as Jimmy heads into his reinstatement hearing, Ziegler misses his wife, and Lalo relies on a prop, our EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP breaks down all the strategery. 2018.10.01S04.E09

Powers Boothe Won An Emmy Playing Jim Jones

Beat some serious competish in 1980, too. 2016.09.13

With Moffat Taking Off, Who's In Charge?

We shortlist some executive producers to replace Doctor Who's eventually-departing boss Steven Moffat. 2016.01.06

I Am The One Who Sucks

Strangely crappy writing undermines the interesting interviews and intel in Breaking Bad: The Official Book. 2015.05.18

Up Battle Creek Without A Paddle

CBS is hoping you'll like its prestigious new crime drama, Battle Creek! But will you? 2015.02.27S01.E01

Should You Put Better Call Saul On Retainer?

AMC's Breaking Bad spinoff prequel arrives freighted with expectations. How well does it meet them? 2015.02.06S01.E01

Black Box Is Quite Possibly The Most Thoroughly Awful Pilot Ever Made

Sarah, one of the few survivors of Commando Nanny, does not make this assertion lightly. 2014.04.24S01.E01

Spinning Their Wheels

If nothing much happens, is that still true to what Community is supposed to be? 2014.03.14S05.E09

L.A. Noir Author John Buntin Talks Mob City

He chatted with Sarah (no relation) about Frank Darabont's TV-noir take on his acclaimed book. (That's not him. That's Jon Bernthal.) 2013.12.04

How Blacklist-y Are Walter White's Chemicals?

The Stewmaker got those at Walter's garage sale, right? 2013.10.15S01.E04


The author rewatched the Breaking Bad finale to see if she'd like it any better. 2013.10.01S05.E16

Breaking Bad's Upcoming 'Felina' Finale, Explained

...Possibly. This is just a CRACKPOT theory that could ALSO turn out to be totally spot on. 2013.09.24S05.E16

AMC Has Given A Series Order To Better Call Saul

Breaking Bad gets a spinoff. Okay. 2013.09.11

The Breaking Bad Finale, According To Dean Norris

Hank's alter ego has some ideas about how the series should end. 2013.08.27

How To Survive Playing A Divisive TV Character

This weekend, Breaking Bad's Anna Gunn wrote movingly about the experience of being hated online. We have some career advice for her going forward. 2013.08.26S05.E10

Breaking Stuff

Mythbusters takes on two famous scenes from Breaking Bad. 2013.08.14S10.E10

Who's Going To Bite It In The Final Eight Episodes Of Breaking Bad?

If there's one thing you can count on this season, it's bodies (in body bags). We run down their likelihood of death. 2013.08.08

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