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It's Time For Gay Icons On RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars (And That Includes Stevie Nicks)

For some girls, a spoof of VH1 Divas Live is a Patti LaBlessing, but for others, it's Mariah Scary. 2018.02.04S03.E02

Does Daytime Divas Dish Soapy Summer Fun?

Walking the line between 'bonkers' and 'dumb' is harder than it looks. 2017.06.02S01.E01

The Librarians's New Big Bad Is Not Bad At All

Dealing with an ancient, all-powerful Egyptian god of chaos is one thing, but the Librarians are going to have their hands full with Vanessa Williams. 2016.11.21S03.E01

Eli Messes With The Good Wife's Love Life One Time Too Many

A lot of people seem to want to kill each other this week, but only one of them might actually do it. 2015.12.14S07.E10

Big Data, Big Discovery

Allegations of racist business practices against ChumHum pit Alicia against her old firm. Who will win -- or, given the subject matter, 'win'? 2015.11.30S07.E09

The Good Wife Exercises Its Right To Choose...To Defend Someone Who Filmed A Deceptive Anti-Choice Video

Reese Dippold continues not to need to be onscreen in order to force Diane into awkward intellectual positions, while Grace hustles to help Alicia keep the lights on. 2015.11.23S07.E08

Why Can't We Be Friends?

Barry and Joe both try to push away willing allies. Good thing they're better at repelling enemies. 2015.10.14S02.E02

Vanessa Williams Helps Guide Miss America Back Toward Actual Relevance

The ninety-five-year-old beauty pageant is clawing its way out of a decades-long slump of irrelevance...and it's kind of working. 2015.09.14

Wilhelmina Slater Gives Up The Ghost

Sarah runs the Vanessa Williams episode of The Haunting Of… through the PTV Show-o-Matic. 2014.06.21S03.E01


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