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EHG 149: Getting Punchy With Iron Fist

Chris Huff joins us to talk Marvel's dud, Love, and more! 2017.03.22

Reinstalling Tyra Banks As The Host Of America's Next Top Model Is A Big Mistake

Sarah D. Bunting isn't a crackpot. Tyra's a legend. But nobody believes that more strongly than Tyra, and the 23rd season worked better without her. 2017.03.17

America's Next Top Model Crowns The First Winner Of The New Era

Cycle 23's finale becomes a proxy battle between Kylie and Kendall Jenner. And there's a third model there, too. 2017.03.09S23.E14

America's Next Top Model Fails At Feminism

As Amber Rose is helicoptered in to help celebrate 'lady bosses,' because of course she is. 2017.02.08S23.E10

Someone On America's Next Top Model Is Dancing On Thin Ice

During this week's 'movement challenge,' one young squirt of a model gets into it with Stacey McKenzie. Big mistake. Big. HUGE. 2017.01.23S23.E07

America's Next Top Model Won't Go Down Without A Fight

It's the most volatile episode of the season yet, but will two models find love amidst the chaos? 2017.01.16S23.E06

Who Is Rita Ora, And Why Is She Sitting In Tyra's America's Next Top Model Chair?

And other not-so-burning questions from the premiere of VH1's revamped Top Model. 2016.12.12S23.E01

Watch A New Trailer For VH1's America's Next Top Model

'It's all about being a boss.' - Rita Ora. 2016.11.28

Watch A Teaser For The First VH1 Cycle Of America's Next Top Model

This is the first cycle to air directly on VH1, and the first cycle without the legendary Tyra Banks. 2016.08.29

Sucky-Baby Makeover Freakouts On America's Next Top Model

The best part of every Cycle, and also, weirdly, the most real. 2016.04.14

'Just Bliss Out, And Fantasize A Lot, And Wear Rainbows'

Masshole Wiccans, terra cotta warriors, and other In Search Of... finds. 2016.01.11

America's Next Top Model Ends With A Whimper And A Very Bangable Winner

This might not have been Tyra's finest cycle, but nothing can erase her crazy legacy. Alex Zeidel looks back on the season, and the series as a whole. 2015.12.05S22.E16

Watch A Supercut Of Tyra Banks Announcing America's Next Top Model Travel Destinations

Pictured: the first time some of the contestants probably learned there was such a place as Venice, Italy. 2015.12.04

EHG 96: The Marvel-ous Jessica Jones

John Ramos and Nick Rheinwald-Jones (no relation) get punchy talking comic-book charisma, and co-pitching a Canon! 2015.11.24

Top Model Continues To Overstay Its Welcome

It's Part 1 of the cycle (and series) finale, which means Mamé says 'diplomat's daughter' for the ten millionth time and: no. 2015.11.21S22.E15

Moms Make Everything Better On Top Model

Tyra flies in the women who helped create the final four models for an hour of ugly crying, beautiful photos. 2015.11.14S22.E14

Top Model Steals From The Best And Makes It 95% Worse

Tyra continues to demonstrate her business acu(wo)men by ripping off more successful reality shows. 2015.11.07S22.E13

What Happens In Vegas Is Only Interesting When It Involves Miss J

The models try to pose amidst a chaotic storm of props, but one reality-show icon outshines them all. 2015.10.31S22.E12

You're Still In The Running Towards Reading Lunch And A Show

RIP ANTM, Empire's hilarious horrors, Liv side-eye, and more! 2015.10.15

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