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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Puts Herself First

The event we've been building to all season is finally here. It's like the big finale to a musical or something! 2017.02.03S02.E13

Wedding Planning Goes Down The Crapper On Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

If you thought Rebecca was nuts in her pursuit of Josh, wait until you see how she does a DIY wedding. 2017.01.27S02.E12

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Gets A Boost From A Broadway Legend

Will it leave her high-flying adored, or crying for Argentina? 2017.01.13S02.E10

It's Your Law & Order Drinking Game!

A thirsty viewer's companion to the series we know as the Mothership. 2016.08.15

Dream Therapy Might Be Better Than Real Therapy On Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Rebecca hallucinates her way to mental health, but don't worry: there's still a way for it to all go horribly wrong. 2016.03.21S01.E15

Road-Trippin' And Romance On The Walking Dead

Daryl and Rick find Jesus, literally, on a supply run. 2016.02.22S06.E10

Vote For The Best Law & Order Fantasy Draft Team!

The winner gets Buntsy points and a DonorsChoose.org donation! We need YOUR verdict! 2015.12.15

Lunch And A Show Of Force

Girl power works for (almost) everyone around the dial from Supergirl to Jessica Jones, and Cindy Walsh just can't believe it! 2015.12.01

Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel, I Made It Out Of Cray

Rebecca's mom comes to visit for the holidays on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which goes about as well as you might expect. Some new pairings fare better! 2015.11.30S01.E08

Not In My Back Yard

Alexandria is finally breached, but it doesn't keep the survivors from paying more attention to their own personal dramas. 2015.11.30S06.E08

The Waiting Was The Hardest Part

A key question is answered and many lectures are given along the way to the mid-season finale. 2015.11.23S06.E07

Flesh And Bone Had The Feet, But It Didn't Have The Heart

The finale of Starz's 'limited series' reminds Adam Grosswirth why he was excited for this show in the first place...and why it was such a disappointment. 2015.11.18S01.E08

Cry And Cut

Flesh & Bone's credibility problems snowball, and speaking of little round white things, Princess is AWOL and Sarah D. Bunting is v.v. unhappy. 2015.11.17S01.E07

Everything Isn't Beautiful At The Ballet On Flesh And Bone

Not even Kelly Bishop can save this show. 2015.11.16S01.E06

Flesh And Bone Leaves Us Flesh And Bored

After a promising premiere, Flesh And Bone is already going over the same steps. 2015.11.10S01.E02

Ninety-Nine Problems And The Dead Are One Thousand

Alexandrians and newcomers alike struggle to face unpleasant realities, mostly by making terrible decisions. 2015.11.09S06.E05

Wolves On Walled Streets

Never mind the herd, Alexandria's got its own horrific attack to deal with first. 2015.10.19S06.E02

Ya Herd?

The Walking Dead returns with more zombies than it knows what to do with. 2015.10.12S06.E01

Unexpected Wins And Turnarounds

Things shake out in surprisingly cool ways in The Walking Dead's ninety-minute season finale. 2015.03.30S05.E16

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