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Ask Scandal's Once And Future Secret Agent

Rowan/Eli Pope may be semi-retired from B613, but he's still available to help you with your love life, dinosaur questions, or career advice. 2017.03.17S06.E06

Gotham Is Surrounded By Morons And Lunatics

Season 3 says the heck with it and just fills the city with superpowered bad guys to fight. Monty Ashley's got questions! 2016.09.19S03.E01

Gotham Has A Surprisingly Happy Ending

And an asylum full of monsters plus an enormous bomb could have been a real problem. 2016.05.23S02.E22

Gotham Fishes For New (And Old) Villains Before The Finale

It's also a little late in the season to add new characters, but here they come anyway. 2016.05.16S02.E21

Gotham Brings Back A Villain

Theo Galavan is determined to kill at least one of the people he vowed to assassinate. Good luck, pal! 2016.05.09S02.E20

Gotham Introduces Another Weirdo

His name is Azrael, and he enjoys long walks in the park, Jazzercise, and slaying people for reasons he's not 100% clear on. 2016.05.02S02.E19

Gotham Starts To Heat Up

The search for the Bruce Wayne's parents' killer gets some unexpected success. 2016.04.18S02.E18

Gotham Graduates Its Villains

The Riddler's first caper spirals out of control, and Penguin tries to recapture his old joie de vivre. 2016.04.11S02.E17

Gotham Introduces Another Fake Joker

Lori Petty acts normal (well...normal for Lori Petty), but she's got a look that seems pretty familiar. 2016.03.14S02.E14

Mr. Freeze Suits Up On Gotham

An iconic villain gets his iconic look and engages in some iconic mayhem. 2016.03.07S02.E13

The Past Bites Back Again on 11.22.63

It's hard to tell what's going to be a bigger problem for Jake: the fact that people are getting way too close to figuring out he's from the future...or a potentially dangerous figure from his girlfriend's past? 2016.03.07S01.E04

Jake Cuts A Rug And Plants A Bug On 11.22.63

Finally back in Texas, Jake sets up his double life: mild-mannered high school teacher by day, stalker of Lee Harvey Oswald by night. 2016.02.29S01.E03


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