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The More Survivor's Games Change, The More They Stay The Same

Twenty returning contestants hit the beach for Survivor's 34th season premiere, its 500th episode, and roughly the billionth scene where someone's not there to make friends. 2017.03.09S34.E01

A Bloody Mess

More Blood is shed, in more ways than one. 2014.10.02S29.E02

Lunkhead Supreme?

Will the luckiest player in the show's history get lucky one last time? 2014.05.22S28.E13

Playing Dirty

Mud gets slung, literally and figuratively, in the most entertaining episode of the season. 2014.05.15S28.E12

Reading People Is Fundamental

They may have visited a school, but certain Survivors need some remedial lessons in strategy. And acting. 2014.05.08S28.E11


In which the maneuvering is about as entertaining as it can be with eight hundred immunity idols in play. 2014.05.01S28.E10

Idol Threats

In which Tony's continued presence for the rest of the season is virtually assured. What are the odds? 2014.04.24S28.E09

The Tony Rewards

In which Kass's "big move before its time" strategy proves to be contagious. 2014.04.17S28.E08

HII, Everybody!

The Hidden Immunity Idol is up for grabs, and everybody's a-grabbin'. 2014.04.10S28.E07

Kassed Away

In which one contestant makes one of the most boneheaded moves ever for one of the dumbest reasons ever. Naturally, it's a Brain. 2014.04.03S28.E06

It's Quittin' Time

If even the contestants don't want to stick around for the full episode, should you? 2014.03.27S28.E05

Shuffle Up And Deal With It

Our little four-episode social experiment ends as the three distinct tribes become two blobby masses. 2014.03.20S28.E04

Where The Buoys Are

Brawn and Beauty actually make Brains look properly named by comparison. Hard to believe. 2014.03.13S28.E03

Brain, Brain, Go Away

Rains are in abundance. Smarts, not so much. 2014.03.06S28.E02

Outmuscle, Outbrain, Outpretty

What to watch and what to skip as Survivor gleefully divides people into stereotypes. Yes, again. 2014.02.27S28.E01


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