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Why Are The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids Acting So Erratic?

If we had to guess, it's because Candyman is looming over us as we collect the most important visuals from S07.E11! 2017.07.31S07.E11

Adam And Sarah's Cop Rock Rewatch: 'And Then There Was The Rapping'

Improved musicality, continued problems with blocking, Issues Writing, and...Candyman? 2016.06.08

Oh Grodd, Book II

The Flash's gigantic simian enemy returns -- unfortunately, before Barry's speed does. 2015.11.18S02.E07

The Flash Encounters Familiar Faces On Unfamiliar People

Once more out of the breach, former friends! 2015.11.04S02.E05

Why Can't We Be Friends?

Barry and Joe both try to push away willing allies. Good thing they're better at repelling enemies. 2015.10.14S02.E02

The Woman Who Had Her Rye Bread Stolen By Jerry Seinfeld, The Principal From Porky's, And Other Olds Take A Wonder Drug

And other more accurate episode loglines for the all-over-the-place second season of The X-Files. 2014.07.03


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