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Shelf Life

A look back at Supermarket Superstar's tasty first season, plus a few suggestions for next time. (Sorry, Keibs.) 2013.09.27S01.E10

Supermarket Superstar, Or Lola Glaudini?

Take our very scientific career-aptitude quiz to find out whether you're better suited to acting, or artisanal crab pies. 2013.09.20S01.E09

Barbecue Pitfalls

Food safety, contestant prep, and other questions from the barbecue-sauce episode of Supermarket Superstar. 2013.09.13S01.E08

Bun Bun BUN!

A surprising winner in a weirdly defined category left this author with a few questions -- and a family-business idea. 2013.09.06S01.E07

Always Bet Red?

This author isn't sure Supermarket Superstar's buyer made the right call last night. 2013.08.30S01.E06


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