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The Flash Roasts Chestnuts On An Open Fire

With Savitar nipping at his nose. 2016.12.07S03.E09

The Flash's Caitlin Plants A Kiss Before…Freezing

But will her cold lips actually result in Barry dying? 2016.11.23S03.E07

The Flash Examines The Shade Of It All

But sadly, not in the Latrice Royale way. 2016.11.16S03.E06

The Flash Wonders If Monsters Are Real

Monsters like...this very one, in fact! 2016.11.02S03.E05

The Flash Says Out With The Old, In With The New

Someone's getting replaced with a more hipster-y model. 2016.10.26S03.E04

The Flash Pits Red Against Magenta

Magenta's too strong to fight, so Barry tries talking to her. We should run for cover, right? 2016.10.18S03.E03

It's Damage-Control Time On The Flash

Barry's got a lot of people mad at him. Luckily he's still adorbs. 2016.10.12S03.E02

On The Flash, Barry's Life Flashpoints Before His Eyes

And an old enemy is there to gloat about it. 2016.10.04S03.E01

Savour The Awkwardness Of Above Average's 'Village Idiot'

You've definitely got twelve minutes to spend with an affable idiot about town. 2016.09.01

Remember The Titans: Reconsidering Entertainment Weekly's 2000 Fall TV Preview

The turn-of-the-millennium issue can't shake a last-century feel in this fourth reassessment of Entertainment Weekly's Fall TV Previews, as 1990s monsters and tired premises go out with a whimper, not a bang. 2016.08.22

Run, Barry, RUN!

Even Zoom gets a chance to urge Barry on in The Flash's finale. 2016.05.25S02.E23

Your Overconfidence Is Your Weakness, People Try To Tell The Flash

Barry's brush with the Speed Force makes him sure he can defeat Zoom. But is he too sure of that? 2016.05.18S02.E22

The Flash Meets The Speed Force

In an episode that's one big emotional beat, Barry gets to know the source of his power. 2016.05.11S02.E21

To Be The Flash Or Not To Be The Flash, Wonders The Flash

Barry spends most of the episode dithering about whether to try to regain his powers. Guess what he decides? 2016.05.04S02.E20

The Flash Becomes Normal Again

Unfortunately, metahumans keep metahumaning. 2016.04.27S02.E19

The Flash Zooms In On Zoom

Jay gets a backstory -- and a third name. Can Barry and the gang take him out once and for all, or is the end for The Flash? 2016.04.20S02.E18

The Flash Meets A Specter Of The Past

And he's not too happy about Barry's latest time-travel shenanigans. 2016.03.30S02.E17

The Flash Meets The Lady In Red

And she's kicking his cheeks all over the place. 2016.03.23S02.E16

The Flash Tells A Fish Story

It's a big one! 2016.02.24S02.E15

The Flash Tries To Escape Earth-2

It's a cool place and all, but that Zoom sitch is a problem. 2016.02.17S02.E14

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