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Battle Of The Deadwood Saloons

'No law at all in Deadwood.' But there were plenty of bars! 2016.08.18

Agents Of SHIELD Brings The Guest Stars

All this time, Mack's brother was a high-school football star in Texas. Who knew, right? 2016.03.30S03.E14

Titus Welliver Made His TV Debut In The Lost Capone

Is it burying the lede to mention that Eric Roberts plays Al? 2016.03.11

Sad Songs Say So Much

And if Steve's face is any indication, none of it is good. Warm up for karaoke with the visual aids for the latest Again With This episode, 'Cardio-Funk'! 2015.11.16S02.E23

Pained Expressions And Pencil Skirts

The Good Wife's Marathon Diarist, Kim Reed, starts out by wondering why she originally stopped watching this show halfway through the first season anyway. 2015.05.22

Elsbeth Is The Elsbest

An appreciation of The Good Wife's most adorable shark. 2014.03.16S05.E14

The Amazon Pilot Project: Bosch

Sarah and Tara dig into Amazon's only police procedural. 2014.02.11S01.E01

Gang Activity

The West Beverly High gang coalesces in the second season of Beverly Hills, 90210. Welcome, David, into the cool crowd! ...So long, Scott, from this mortal coil. 2013.10.16

Villains Drink Whiskey, Too

Who better to tell you what booze to imbibe than a certified bastard? 2013.05.07


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