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Should You Get On The Santa Clarita Diet?

Netflix's new sitcom is about a realtor-turned-zombie. Should you sink your teeth into it? 2017.02.02S01.E01

Battle Of The Deadwood Saloons

'No law at all in Deadwood.' But there were plenty of bars! 2016.08.18

Don't Think About Season 3 Of Damages -- Just Let It Hit You

Our Marathon Diarist feels battered and bruised, yet mostly amused. 2016.07.14

Season 1 Of Sex And The City Makes All Sorts Of Whoopee

Eve Batey begins her SATC Marathon Diary, so pour yourself a Cosmo and pick up some reservoir tips. 2016.07.12

In Season 2 Of Damages, Patty Hewes Will Read You For Filth

And our Marathon Diarist loves every tawdry second of it! 2016.07.07

Watch Timothy Olyphant Refuse To Participate In TV Taping Phoniness On Conan

This guy is all authenticity. Authenticity and tight jeans. 2016.07.06

In Which Of His Shows Should Greg Berlanti Be Deploying His Broken Hearts Club Cast Members?

Before he ran all of television, Greg Berlanti wrote and directed the 2000 gay softball romcom The Broken Hearts Club. We think some of that movie's stars should pop by some of his current productions. 2016.01.06

What If The Emmys Started Honoring Joint Performances?

John Ramos knows that for some shows, it takes two to make a thing go right: why shouldn't the Emmys? 2015.07.13

'The Justified Rule Was, Unless You See Them Being Zipped Up In A Body Bag, They Could Be Alive'

Chatting about the final season of Justified with series creator Graham Yost. 2015.06.08

Does Anyone Get Out Of Harlan Alive?

Justified ends its manhunt, and its run, with a few final surprises and some very satisfying departures. 2015.04.14S06.E13

Raylan Heads For The Hills, Along With Everyone Else

Outlaws and lawmen chase each other through the hills in Justified's bloody penultimate episode. 2015.04.07S06.E12

A Hard-Target Search Of Every Gas Station, Residence, Warehouse, Farmhouse, Henhouse, Outhouse, Doghouse, And Mine Rescue Station

Raylan's pursuit of his fugitive begins in earnest and gets very serious very quickly. 2015.03.31S06.E11

The Most Recognizable Dick In Sports

Dick Vitale: unquestionably good man, completely unwatchable high-profile sports broadcaster. 2015.03.26

Justified Starts Mapping Out The Path To The Finale

And some detours are REALLY unexpected. 2015.03.24S06.E10

Loretta's Ambition Starts Growing Like A...Well, You Know

As Raylan closes in on Boyd, Loretta makes things more complicated. (A snake with its head shot off has something to do with it, too.) 2015.03.17S06.E09

'You Wanna Lean In For A Kiss?'

Boyd's just joking because he's uncomfortable in his latest standoff with Raylan, but guys, come on, a good idea is a good idea! 2015.03.10S06.E08

Make Room For Baby

What's Raylan Givens like as a father? Let's all find out together -- including him, since this is the very first time he's meeting his child. 2015.03.03S06.E07

Are There Really Some Problems You Can't Kill Your Way Out Of?

Avery Markham's best-laid plans for Harlan should have probably taken Raylan Givens into account. 2015.02.24S06.E06

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